Sunday, May 12, 2013

Romantic Comedy Movies

Serendipity is a movie from 2001. Its about faith if you will found your soul mate. Jonathan and Sara already have spouse when first time they meet. But chemistry is flying around them. They make some test, just to make sure they are really soul mate or not. 

I like this movie, because I'm enjoy to wait and see what happen next in this movie. It's funny enough, but not to funny. I think this is more drama romantic. We can see how hard Jonathan and Sara to get in touch each other.

Going The Distance. You have to see this movie if you are in Long Distance Relationship (or shit) may be.
It a funny movie. Two central character also funny. Garret and Erin is not such a boring couple. That's why they are look so a great match. This movie will be inspiring you how to make your LDR more fun. Yeah... but in this movie, they have LDR but still in the same country :P. Very entertaining. You will laugh every minute watch this movie