Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hasduk Berpola

Yippiee!! This is the 2nd movie from my friend, Harris Nizam. And today all you guys can watch Hasduk Berpola  at Cinema. Hasduk is a movie about scout boy in Bojonegoro, Surabaya. I like acting Bangkit Prasetyo as Budi (central character), because he's so natural even this is his first movie. And yeah, not only Bangkit Prasetyo, but also 10 children from Bojonegoro played as well. And also we can see another senior actor and actress, they are Idris Sadri and Iga Mawarni

Overall, Hasduk Berpola is a better movie by Harris than his previous movie. I love the cinematography, camera movement, music, art and editing. No wonder I found Khikmawan Sentosa and Sastha Sunu in credit tittle :D. Good collaboration I think. The story so simple and natural. Yeah, you no need to create such a heavy story for child movie.  *no mention :P. Let's don't talk about nationalism, the point is this movie is how big your sacrifice, to make someone you love happy.

And one think that make me touched is, at the end of the movie (i watched at screening btw) all of audience in theater stand up and sing Indonesia Raya.After... 7 years i think the last time I sing Indonesia Raya (and thanks God i still remember)

So, i hope i hear Hasduk Berpola at least screening at International Film Festival. Good job and....Hope Hasduk Berpola will be the box office movie

Produser : Sarjono Sutrisno, Harris Nizam
Sutradara : Harris Nizam
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Silver Lining Playbook

I watch this movie not because of this film is oscar nominee or Jenn Lawrence won the Oscar. But of course because I'm dying with Bradley Cooper :D . I know this movie before people talk about it because of the oscar nominee. Just randomly watch some trailer from youtube.

Well, this movie not really fantastic. But, i love the script. Its about romantic comedy that totally funny. It fresh! And Ms. Lawrence she's 22yo but she played as well with Mr. Cooper, 38yo. I can't stop laughing along the movie and lil bit cry at the end.

Both of them played the strong character. Love it! And in this movie i can see, how parents always love and caring their child in the lowest phase of life. It sooo deep. The movie is adapted from the 2008 novel of the same title by Matthew Quick



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Monday, March 18, 2013

Intermezo Hermes bag

This post is just for fun. For you if you want to know lil bit about socialite life. But i will be specific. We talk about Hermes bag. (Yap, that most fucking expensive bag :P). No, I wont give you any information. It's just some funny story.

So, last week I met with friend of my friend. She is one of distributor Hermes bag in Jakarta. She told about her experience with her customer. She only take order from someone, which is she already know. Ya, because, it so high risk. As we know, if we bring Hermes bag, its same you bring 1 fortuner or may be 1 house!

She told me....:

1st. Story
"Ada yah, langanan gue tajir abis. Duit ga ada serinya. Dia order Hermes yang harganya 500jt. Nah, gue dapet. Gue kasih ke orang itu. Uuuuh... seneng banget dia. Cash bok dia langsung bayar ditempat. Padahal ya kalo lo liat orangnya, ga akan nyangka dia duitnya banyak. Sumpah ga ada cakep-cakepnya"

2nd Story
"Ada satu toko, pusatnya Hermes, di Paris. Yang bisa masuk situ ga sembarang orang. Harus dandan heboh ala-ala madam. Nah, partner gue nih, dia kan udah VIP member (She had shop for 5billon rupiah!) dia mau belanja tuh tas. Ada 2 orang, heboh banget, pake baju bulu-bulu gitu, eh, ga taunya ngomongnya medok banget. Ditegor lah sama partner gue 'Dari mana Jeng?' lalu 'Oh, kita dari Surabaya sama Semarang' Gubrak!! dan mereka beli cash!

3rd story
"Temennya temen gue, dia lagi hamil nih. Ngidam satu tas disitu. Harganya 1,5 Milyar. Ga boleh masuk yah namanya juga pas jalan-jalan ga niat mau kesitu. Pulang dia nangis ngadu sama suaminya. Suaminya kesel. Dia bawa tuh duit cash dalam koper, dia pergi kesana pake baju ala kadarnya. Pas didepan toko dicegat. Ngomong pake bahasa Perancis "Mau apa?" / "Mau beli tas yang itu" / "Kamu ga akan mampu. Tas itu mahal sekali" / "Saya bawa uang cash didalam ini. Cepetan Saya mau beli itu buat istri Saya" Pas pulang, suami itu ngomong "Asal kalian tahu ya, Saya dari Indonesia, orang Indonesia ga ada yang miskin"

But, my friend this one she said , she only have 1 Hermes with the price Rp 40.000.000,- . And she don't think "Hermes collection wanna be"

And,,,, lets's another person. Another story

"Temen arisan gue ada tuh yag getol banget nawarin gue Hermes harga 150 juta. Cuma gue pikir dengan uang segitu mending gue bikin kontrakan. Investasi. Sampai akhirnya gue kesel, gue giniin aja 'Eh, gue walau cuma pake LV 20jt, tapi mobil gue Mercy. Lah elu mobil aja kijang. Siapa juga mau percaya Hermes lo asli. Beli bela-belain sampe kredit. Aduh maap deh. Gue mendingan simpan uang buat investasi'

Hahaha!!! Funny story :P

Monday, March 11, 2013


From now i officially fans of Fatima Ptacek and Shawn Christensen. Fatima as Sophia in this movie very fabulous. And Shawn as writer, director and actor also brilliant. No wonder this movie get OScar award for the best short movie. The idea of this story very simple. But, yeah... Its so beautiful.  Christensen make characters so strong.

Here I share my fave scene.

Bowling Track Scene

Friday, March 8, 2013

First Outlet Victoria Secret in Jakarta

Finally Victoria Secret open the outlet in Jakarta. The location is at Plaza Senayan, in front of The body Shop outlet. As we know, Victoria Secret is a sexy seductive lingerie brand. But, i call the outlet in Jakarta is not a lingerie outlet, but perfume outlet. Because most of the sell are body mist and perfume from Victoria Secret. You also can find sexy panties. They have a promo, buy 3 panties for Rp 339.000,-.

So what are they sell? Make up case, lil bit sungalsses (about 1million to 1,5mill rupiah), scarf (500k), Ipad, passport, iphone case (about 500k). And some tote bag for bring your heavy stuff. Why they not sell bra and linegrie? Because it policy from Victoria Secret. If they want to sell bra and lingerie, they must have a large store, bcause bra and lingerie VS's collection soooo many.

Oh, FYI. They still use dollars currency for the barcode. So they will convert it to rupiah while you pay at the cashier.

So, now I dont need to ask my friend's or go to SG for buy my fave body mist "NOIR".

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Philosophy of Avocado

Why avocado? Because to find the right one and edible is not easy. Yeah, the soft one, it doesn't mean already ready to eat. Let's.... Say... If the avocado to young, we can't eat that. The taste is bitter. But, if too ripe, no longer the avocado will foul. It just like while you choose someone who will be your future spouse.

And. ok. We find the good avocado. It looks clean, edible, and sweet. But be careful. We can scoop layer by layer. May be you will find a small worm. So, even tho that looks clean and good, we still find a worm. Just like a human. Even tho from the outside looks so good, but there's a bad thing inside that person.

And have a nice day :)