Sunday, December 8, 2013

My 24th

Whatta very late post!!! Hahahaha!! Alhamdulillah... Diberi panjang umur. Time flies... Kayaknya kemarin baru 17tahun *_*. Alhamdulillah banyak hal baik yang terjadi diusia gue 23 tahun. Bisa bikin script layar lebar, Hubungan sama seseorang dinegeri Big Apple juga alhamdulilah lancar. Alhamdulillah bisa bikin film pake uang sendiri. Ihiy!! 

Sebenarnya ada takutnya juga sih, tanggung jawab semakin banyak nih... Investasi apa kabar? Untuk harus siapin buat bisnis film, buat nikah, buat anak, buat keliling dunia. Harus optimis pasti. Semakin tua semakin seksi dan banyak peluang yang terbuka. Hahaha..

Pesta tahun ini, kayaknya bakal jadi unforgettable moment. Ada tamu special, seorang teman baik, ga diduga dia datang disela-sela kesibukan editing film terbarunya. Aduh terharuuu.... Makasih Mas Bro...

Thanks for friends who coming, for all wishes, for all gift :*

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Make Money

I think this is a fresh Indonesia comedy these days. Indonesian comedy with Hollywood taste. Make Money is a feature film debut Sean Monteiro, and he did a good job with this. I love the shoot, i love the setting, the characters also mix and balance. And yeah... Good soundtrack also. Sometimes filmmaker forget to create a good soundtrack beside the film itself .

Even i found some part that i think "Too much" but it still good over all. In some part still found Warkop DKI comedy style, slapstick.

I said mix and balance character, its like King of Summer characters. In Make Money we can see how cheesy Ody is, he was a poor person and suddenly he is rich. And Rachmat, he is more calm then his brother, Aris. Type of funny person. But he's smarter and more talented than Aris. And because he is humble, people more love him then Aris. And then Aris, he's totally arrogant. Not too smart as Rachmat but more ambitious.
Haqi Ahmad did a good job in here as script writer.

And i love the shoot. Even this is a comedy film, but Sean also put like symbolize from Jakarta real life. In Jakarta there are high class and middle class, very contrast. While shoot at Bundaran HI, we can see the glamorous with the city lights and at the same time we also see a poor man just sitting down with his ugly clothe. The camera movement also dynamic.

I found another good point from Make Money. Details. And Make Money explain the life of advertising industry. That is real. How to pitch a concept, how to deal with the client. Very good script continuity. We can see Smartfren must be the biggest sponsor for this film, but how they are put it in the film, it doesnt ruin the story and still save.

Hope we can see similar comedy movie in Indonesia like this. And hope the team real MAKE MONEY with this movie, good luck!

Sunday, November 10, 2013




If you think people who work at entertainment industry always have a happy life, please re-think. For example Marilyn Monroe and Linda Lovelace. Every guy would dying to date with her, but inside, they are have a sad story in their life.

Lovelace is biography about Linda Lovelace, porn star at 70's era with the phenomenal film "Deep Throat". Her surname is Linda Boreman. She was innocent girl before she meet and marry with Chuck Traynor. Chuck made her as his doll to get the money. And he also abusive. Behind the successful as an actress, Linda always afraid with her husband. He also sell Linda for prostitute, for get more money.

"Deep Throat" was success. But after Linda Lovelace run from Chuck, she become an activist for anti pornography. She also married and have a little family. Lovelace is based on Linda's book "Ordeal".

Nothing special with Lovelace. The story need to more explore. But the acting from the casts was so great. Ms. Seyfried was brilliant.


The King Of Summer

 Chris Galletta
Cast : Nick Robinson - Joe
            Gabriel Basso - Patrick
           Moises Arias - Biagio

When we were young, sometimes we feel to go out from the parents house. Anything the problem. May be some of us really had a bad experience in ourselves family. The King of Summer is a fresh movie about 3 teenager boys who really want to show their independence with out from the parent house. They can't understand what is in their parents head. You know "My house is my rule". So yeah they decide to find a new place and build their house together. If you love drama comedy about family, i cant miss this one. We will see friendship issue in here.

The lesson that i really like in this movie is, the parents also have to introspection about themselves. Why their son run out from the house. And as a teenage brain like usual, they cant think wisely. They are looking for the identity about their life. But however, they are still need their parent.

This is debut feature film by Jordan Vogh Robert. which is i think its well done. Its so simple story but you will feel touchy.. And this movie also debut Chris Galletta as script writer. He was created smart dialogue and some nice quote.
Nick Robinson, Gabriel Basso and Moises Arias acting are incredible.  Whatta good mix and balance character.
And i think a good story, a good film is just simple and natural story. Very close with the reality.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Directed by 

Baz Luhrmann

Writing Credits (WGA)  

Baz Luhrmann...(screenplay) &
Craig Pearce...(screenplay)
F. Scott Fitzgerald...(based on the novel by)


 Leonardo DiCaprioCarey MulliganJoel Edgerton

I always love classic movie. It looks sexy. We can see from the wardrobe and set. The Great Gatsby is a film in 20's set. About the jet set life. Glamour. Catherine Martin success for build the glamorous 20's from the costume and set. We can see how the party, castle house. 

The Great Gatsby is a romantic love story. Based on novel F. Scott Fitgerald. This is a remake movie from the same title in 1974. Its tell about Gatsby and Daisy who reunite after 5 years distant. But Daisy married with Tom, rich man who like to cheat. Gatsby built that house and make a spectacular party expect Daisy will come to the party. But she never come. Until one day Gatsby invite Nick Carraway, Daisy cousin who also neighbor Gatsby. Nick and Gatsby become a best friend

I love the story but i think Luhrmann put too much magic trick for this movie. Its look like we see the sci-fic movie. So we not really feel the classic atmosphere. In some part we can see the animation that Luhrmann made. Just like Hemingway & Gellhorn movie, Philip Kaufman shoot with green screen to build set Worldwar part 2. But we still feel the classic atmosphere. At The Great Gatsby the characters also not really strong. In here the greatest things are the production design and music. So may be i will watch the old version of The Great Gatsby :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Short Review For Long Weekend

In Indonesia we are having a long weekend today because tomorrow is Ied Adha. So on the weekend i watched two love movie. And how lucky i got invitation for first screening one of my watchlist movie "About Time". So yeah today i'm gonna write short review for "Adore" and "About Time".

Directed by : Anne Fontaine 
Writing : Doris Lessing, Christopher Hampton, Anne Fontaine
Casts :
Naomi Watts Lil
Robin Wright: Roz
Xavier Samuel: Ian
James Frecheville: Tom

This movie is adaptation from Dorris Lessing' Novel, Perfect Mother. It is a complicted love story. Lil and Roz are best friend, they were grow up together. They have a son. Ian is Lil's son and Tom is Roz's son. Tom and Ian also grew up together. Until one night Tom find out Ian sleep with his mother. And Tom do the same thing to Lil. They falling in love each others and let the love grow up.

I like a complicated love story. Because love is sometimes complicated. Love is blind. Even i found some bad reviews about this movie, i still love this movie. 

 Director and writer : Richard Curtis
Rachel Mcadams - Mary
Domhall Gleeson - Tim
Bill Nighy - Dad's Tim

This is a sweet romantic comedy. Tim and his dad has ability for time traveling to the past. So, Tim have a second chance for change anything for his future and present. Until one day he meets and falling in love with Mary. He use his power to create possibility that make Mary fall in love with him. Until one day he realize, to enjoy this life, you just let life flow. Richard Curtis write smart funny dialog. But still sweet. With the characters that not too perfect. He make it natural. 

So those movies very nice to killing your time while you boring and just want to laying on your holiday :)  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Short Movie Ternyata

Alhamdulillah, kita sudah selesai syuting dua minggu yang lalu di Yogya. Tepatnya di Awor Gallery, Lensa Jogya. Saat ini film Ternyata sudah sampai tahap online editing. Nerveous juga, karena Tropfest akan menjadi International Film Festival pertama yang akan kita submit, Selain bawa nama negara, ini juga sebenarnya bagian dari strategi gue untuk mendapatkan networking dan market untuk film gue selanjutnya. Jadi deg-degan parah. Tapi karena gue kerja sama team yang hebat, Pabrik Film, dengan design produksi yang ga amatir, equiptment juga yg ga amatir, gue yakin project ini akan spectacular.

Tapi satu hal yang bikin gue agak ngerasa ditampar. Gimana coba gue bisa dapat uang 25 juta dalam waktu 2 minggu? Pertolongan Tuhan luar biasa disini. Gue ga akan dapat uang sebanyak itu , tapi untuk film ini tiba-tiba uang itu bermunculan. Segala sesuatu gue serahkan ke team Pabrik Film. Di Jakarta otak gue ga berhenti mikir. Itulah, jika Tuhan memang sudah mengizinkan, maka hal itu akan terjadi.Gue jadi ingat, dulu pernah pegang project film yang ber- M M , tapi memang Tuhan belum mengizinkan, akhirnya gue ga ikut. Tuhan Maha Baik. Coba kalo gue ikut project itu, nama gue juga ikut-ikutan diomongin. Hahaha!!

Proses syuting Alhamdulillah lancar dan fun, acting Pipit sama Harry oke banget. Gue akan merekomendasikan mereka berdua jika ada kesempatan. Proses syuting sekitar 11 jam. Sudah cenat-cenut takut over time, becos i dont have money anymore. Dan gue berhutang sama Pabrik Film. Lewat film ini, gue harus kasih timbal balik ke mereka.

Gue senang, akhirnya gie bisa benar-benar melahirkan karya gue walau baru project kecil, Insya Allah tahun 2014 akan menjadi awal tahun kebangkitan for my better life.I still have another babies

Ini beberapa foto-foto behind the scene. Kalo mau tahu lebih banyak bisa lihat twitternya @deramaromantika atau sutradaranya @sociohipster dan @pabrikfilm

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Baby

Lama ga posting.Lagi super duber sibuk bolak-balik Jakarta-Yogya. Insya Allah mau bikin film pendek, bareng teman2 Pabrik Film. So, film ini ditulis dan diproduseri dan didanai oleh gue sendiri. Sutradara Padhu. Makanya lagi pusing2-nya cari uang. Rencananya film ini mau di submit Festival Film International. Buat pancingan juga semoga gue bisa merealisasikan anak-anak gue yang lain seperti "Cafe UrbaNista" dan "8 Weeks"

Mohon doa semoga projek ini lancar dan sukses. Sementara gue lagi mules cari uang dan mikir strategi selanjutnya. So far, gue suka banget kerja bareng Pabrik Film Yogyakarta. Makanya anak kami yang kecil ini harus jadi sesuatu untuk memberikan 'timbal balik' untuk team.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jadi Wirausaha Itu Tidak Mudah

Low Angle Shot of Man Reading Newspaper
Entrepreneur. Photo from

Banyak orang berandai-andai ingin menjadi wirausaha dengan alasan supaya jadi boss. Supaya punya bawahan. Supaya bisa ngantor siang dan pulang cepat. Hemmm... Mimpi kali yeee

Pada kenyataannya menjadi pemimpin itu tidak mudah dan asal kalian tahu, seorang boss itu berpikir berkali-kali lebih keras dari bawahannya. Bawahannya kan kerja tinggal nunggu perintah dari boss. Sedangkan si boss muter otak supaya perusahaannya menghasilkan profit. Supaya bisa gaji karyawan. Supaya bisa memenuhi biaya operasional perusahaan.

Tak terkecuali jadi wirausaha untuk usaha kecil. Dia harus memikirkan gimana caranya supaya usahanya balik modal dan mendapatkan untung. Makanya ga heran kan saat baru memulai usaha, para wirausaha ini belum memiliki karyawan. Dia baru bisa memiliki karyawan jika usahanya berkembang.

Ada kejadian lucu di twitter. Jadi salah satu follower Billy Boen pendiri YOT berkata, "Kalo jadi boss ga perlu kerja lagi, tinggal suruh". Tweweweng!!! Mental malas tapi berharap bisa sukses. Wajar jika Billy Boen membalas "Mimpi". Saya pun gatal ingin berkomentar. Lalu Saya ikut menimpali "Kalo ga kerja, gimana supaya perusahaan dapat profit buat gaji karyawan? Miara tuyul"
Billy Boen pun menimpali "Ketus nih kayak Saya". Lalu si cowok aneh itu membalas "Miara tuyul? Saran yang aneh". Lha, situ lebih aneh lagi. Hahahaha!! Koplak!

Ada cerita lagi. Seorang teman SMP ga akrab-akrab amat. Dia sekarang penulis novel dan cerpen. Dia berkomentar tentang kenaikan BBM dan juga kemacetan. Dia menulis "Cara untuk mengurangi kemacetan dan hemat BBM ya jadi wirausaha Ga perlu kerja setiap hari".
Saya yang sedang minum es teh, jadi keselek dan masuk ke hidung pas baca tweet itu. Ternyata banyak orang salah persepsi. Saya balas, "Jadi wirausaha itu justru mobilitasnya tinggi. Sehari bisa 3x meetig ditempat yang berbeda". Dia tidak mau kalah, "Tapi kan meetingnya ga setiap hari".
Duuh.. sekolah udah tinggi kok kadang2 oon juga sih. Ketahuan kurang bergaul :D.
"Emang sih ga setiap hari, ya seminggu 5 hari lah"

Hahahahaha!! Mimpi kali yee jadi wirausaha bisa leyeh-leyeh, ngendon dirumah. Kecuali kalo kamu kaya sejak lahir. Kalo ga meeting/networking gimana bisa dapet project, Mbak Mbro.

Ya gitu lah. Jadi wirausaha itu ga hanya butuh kepintaran. Tapi juga modal kecerdasan emotional, pengetahuan, ketekunan dan passion

So, never to say being an entrepreneur is easy. Semoga kita semua bisa sukses mengapai mimpi dengan cara yang realistis

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rental C500

Setelah C300, lahir adiknya si C500. Etapi C500 ini juga punya adik lagi, namanya C100 sama EOS-1DC. Waktu itu pernah posting house rent yang menyewakan C300. Nah ini ada house rent yang menyewakan C500. Bisa ke Juxtapose Rent, alamat jl. Panglima Polim 5 NO. 52. Contact person Imam Nugroho 083873917368, 

Sayang banget ini attactment-nya kurang oke. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hotel Transylvania

The most funny cartoon movie ever. You will never stop laugh from start to the end of movie. This story made very fresh. And i think it more suit for teenager and up, because the joke i think only teenager who understand it. Hotel Transylvania is a very good collaboration Adam Sandler and the team.

And 1 think which is make this movie entertaining is the songs. Yeah!! Will make you wanna dance

here the trademark song from Hotel Transylvania Zing Song and the soundtrack is Becky G ft Will I am

The dialog very funny. The characters very strong with thew for each other. Well done for the script




  (screenplay), (screenplay), 3 more credits »

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dia Player Atau Kamu Saja Yang Ge-er

Couple. Photo from

Saya tidak mengarah hanya ke satu genre, laki-laki atau perempuan. Karena para 'pemain' tidak hanya identik dengan laki-laki. Perempuan juga banyak yang suka 'bermain'. Seorang teman di twitter berkata, Kenapa sih harus ada Player? Trus kenapa harus bangga? Bangga ya menyakiti hati orang?

So, ini jawabannya.

Sebelum berpikir buruk tentang para player, coba telusuri dulu apa penyebabnya. Mungkin dia pernah merasa sakit hati dulunya. Tapi ini menurut opini pribadi Saya. Belum tentu orang itu memang berhati kejam karena mencampakkan hati wanita atau pria yang mencintainya. Dia hanya belum menemukan orang yang tepat untuk menemaninya. Begitu dia menemukan orang tersebut, dia akan berhenti dengan sendirinya. Jadi gonta-ganti pacar itu cuma cara untuk menemukan pasangan yang tepat, tapi orang kebanyakan berpikir negative.

Sekarang coba Saya tanya balik? Berapa persen orang yang pacaran dan benar-benar bahagia? Apa kamu bahagia jika pacar kamu terlalu kontrol hidup kamu? Sedangkan belum ada ikatan resmi, tidak membiayai hidup kamu juga? Cinta? Yakin???
Muncul keraguan. Jika berani ya mudah saja untuk memutuskan dan mencari pacar baru. Mencintai juga harus pakai logika kan? Itu caranya, terutama perempuan supaya lebih dihargai. Jangan cuma nurut aja setiap perkataan pacar. Emang kalo kita nurut sama pacar, dia udah pasti ga akan berpaling ke lain hati? Belum tentu lagi. Yes, dear, I'm telling you the truth.

Dan... Banyak teman Saya (23-24 tahun) mereka tergolong masih muda, Tetapi sudah ngebet mau nikah. Ini dia ngebet pengen nikah apa karena benar-benar sudah siap atau cuma karena kesepian ya? Kalo dia merasa incomplete dengan being single, saat dia punya suami, tetap aja merasa kesepian. Jadi, berdamai dengan diri sendiri dulu aja. Segala keinginan pasti akan datang diwaktu yang tepat.

Marry because you are and your spouse want to and ready. Don't do it if you're just feel lonely.

Untuk para perempuan, Don't be insecure. Be a woman who has standards and keep on moving to get what you want. So, man will respect to you.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ketika Tidak Ada Yang Sempurna


Satu lagi seorang teman dekat yang harus berpisah dengan istrinya. Tak lain dan tak bukan karena masalah prinsip. Padahal mereka sudah belasan tahun bersama. Siapa dan apa sih sebenarnya prinsip itu? Selalu saja dia disalahkan saat ada perpisahan.

Mungkin dulu atau saat ini, banyak orang yang berpikir mereka mencari yang sempurna. Tapi kenyataannya yang sempurna itu tidak pernah ada, kalaupun ada susah dan jarang sekali mendapatkannya. Manusia mempunyai hati dan pikiran. Kenapa banyak orang tidak menggunakannya dengan bijak?

Ada yang bilang, perempuan itu harus nurut sama laki. Tapi pada kenyataannya laki-laki menginginkan sikap yang tegas dari seorang wanita, karena dibilang tak berprinsip jika selalu menuruti kata laki-laki. Serba salah bukan?

Ada yang bilang, perempuan itu harus mandiri, pada pada kenyataannya banyak pria yang merasa diabaikan karena wanita tak butuh pria. Salah lagi...

Jadi apa sih maunya?

Saya pikir, karena kebiasaan masyarakat disini itu yang care tapi beda tipis sama kepo, jadi kita terkadang ikut terombang-ambing karena mencoba mengikuti saran mereka yang belum tentu memberikan saran yang bijaksana.

Jadi gimana? Take a look again. Yang sempurna itu tidak ada, kenapa kita tidak berbesar hari menerima ketidak sempurnaan. Sempurna yang dimaksud disini adalah secara emotional dan sikap. Tidak ada orang yang benar-benar baik.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Romantic Comedy Movies

Serendipity is a movie from 2001. Its about faith if you will found your soul mate. Jonathan and Sara already have spouse when first time they meet. But chemistry is flying around them. They make some test, just to make sure they are really soul mate or not. 

I like this movie, because I'm enjoy to wait and see what happen next in this movie. It's funny enough, but not to funny. I think this is more drama romantic. We can see how hard Jonathan and Sara to get in touch each other.

Going The Distance. You have to see this movie if you are in Long Distance Relationship (or shit) may be.
It a funny movie. Two central character also funny. Garret and Erin is not such a boring couple. That's why they are look so a great match. This movie will be inspiring you how to make your LDR more fun. Yeah... but in this movie, they have LDR but still in the same country :P. Very entertaining. You will laugh every minute watch this movie

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ganti Kata "Langsing" Dengan "Sehat"

Rasanya Saya sudah terlalu bosan membaca keyword "Langsing" di berbagai artikel. Seakan langsing itu obsesi semua wanita. Well, memang badan Saya termasuk kategori kurus. Padahal makan banyak. Dan pagi ini Saya membaca timeline salah satu majalah wanita golongan usia 20-25 tahun dengan kata-kata pembuka "Suka iri ada orang yang makannya banyak tapi tetap langsing?" dan... Setelah Saya ikuti, sepertinya lebih tepat jika "Berikut tips untuk mendapatkan tubuh lebih sehat dan bugar".

Banyaknya artikel yang berjudul "Langsing" menunjukan banyak wanita yang insecure sama bentuk tubuhnya dan maaf khususnya yang gemuk. Padahal jika kita pikir semua isi tips2 "Langsing" itu lebih cenderung bagaimana menjalani gaya hidup SEHAT. Jadi alangkah lebih bijak jika  media tidak membuat wanita terobsesi sama bentuk tubuh para model runaway.

Faktanya, orang-orang yang makannya banyak tapi tetap langsing, belum tentu mereka menjalani hidup sehat. Karena merasa jika makan banyakpun akan tetap langsing, mereka akan cenderung makan apapun yang mereka mau, termasuk junk food. End up-nya, kolestrol tinggi, kena penyakit gula. Ya, kolestrol bisa menyerang siapa saja termasuk si kurus. Jadi perlu ditekankan, sehat itu lebih penting daripada terobsesi dengan bentuk tubuh langsing.

Gemuk atau kurus, semua orang memang diharuskan berolahraga, diharuskan makan makanan  dengan gizi yang seimbang. Jadi olahraga , banyak minum air putih, makan sayur, BUKAN DEMI TUBUH LANGSING, TAPI MEMBUAT TUBUH SEHAT. Bukan berarti terus menerus makan sayur dan tidak munum soft drink. Semua harus seimbang. Karena tubuh kita tetap membutuhkan lemak dan gula, dimana disetiap artikel pasti tertulis "jangan makan makanan berlemak dan mengandung gula"

Disayangkan sekali, masih banyak media yang rasanya kurang bijak membuat artikel untuk dibaca masyarakat luas.

So, love your body, it doesn't matter you are fat or tiny

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hasduk Berpola

Yippiee!! This is the 2nd movie from my friend, Harris Nizam. And today all you guys can watch Hasduk Berpola  at Cinema. Hasduk is a movie about scout boy in Bojonegoro, Surabaya. I like acting Bangkit Prasetyo as Budi (central character), because he's so natural even this is his first movie. And yeah, not only Bangkit Prasetyo, but also 10 children from Bojonegoro played as well. And also we can see another senior actor and actress, they are Idris Sadri and Iga Mawarni

Overall, Hasduk Berpola is a better movie by Harris than his previous movie. I love the cinematography, camera movement, music, art and editing. No wonder I found Khikmawan Sentosa and Sastha Sunu in credit tittle :D. Good collaboration I think. The story so simple and natural. Yeah, you no need to create such a heavy story for child movie.  *no mention :P. Let's don't talk about nationalism, the point is this movie is how big your sacrifice, to make someone you love happy.

And one think that make me touched is, at the end of the movie (i watched at screening btw) all of audience in theater stand up and sing Indonesia Raya.After... 7 years i think the last time I sing Indonesia Raya (and thanks God i still remember)

So, i hope i hear Hasduk Berpola at least screening at International Film Festival. Good job and....Hope Hasduk Berpola will be the box office movie

Produser : Sarjono Sutrisno, Harris Nizam
Sutradara : Harris Nizam
Pemeran:  , , ,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Silver Lining Playbook

I watch this movie not because of this film is oscar nominee or Jenn Lawrence won the Oscar. But of course because I'm dying with Bradley Cooper :D . I know this movie before people talk about it because of the oscar nominee. Just randomly watch some trailer from youtube.

Well, this movie not really fantastic. But, i love the script. Its about romantic comedy that totally funny. It fresh! And Ms. Lawrence she's 22yo but she played as well with Mr. Cooper, 38yo. I can't stop laughing along the movie and lil bit cry at the end.

Both of them played the strong character. Love it! And in this movie i can see, how parents always love and caring their child in the lowest phase of life. It sooo deep. The movie is adapted from the 2008 novel of the same title by Matthew Quick



(screenplay), (novel)


, ,


Monday, March 18, 2013

Intermezo Hermes bag

This post is just for fun. For you if you want to know lil bit about socialite life. But i will be specific. We talk about Hermes bag. (Yap, that most fucking expensive bag :P). No, I wont give you any information. It's just some funny story.

So, last week I met with friend of my friend. She is one of distributor Hermes bag in Jakarta. She told about her experience with her customer. She only take order from someone, which is she already know. Ya, because, it so high risk. As we know, if we bring Hermes bag, its same you bring 1 fortuner or may be 1 house!

She told me....:

1st. Story
"Ada yah, langanan gue tajir abis. Duit ga ada serinya. Dia order Hermes yang harganya 500jt. Nah, gue dapet. Gue kasih ke orang itu. Uuuuh... seneng banget dia. Cash bok dia langsung bayar ditempat. Padahal ya kalo lo liat orangnya, ga akan nyangka dia duitnya banyak. Sumpah ga ada cakep-cakepnya"

2nd Story
"Ada satu toko, pusatnya Hermes, di Paris. Yang bisa masuk situ ga sembarang orang. Harus dandan heboh ala-ala madam. Nah, partner gue nih, dia kan udah VIP member (She had shop for 5billon rupiah!) dia mau belanja tuh tas. Ada 2 orang, heboh banget, pake baju bulu-bulu gitu, eh, ga taunya ngomongnya medok banget. Ditegor lah sama partner gue 'Dari mana Jeng?' lalu 'Oh, kita dari Surabaya sama Semarang' Gubrak!! dan mereka beli cash!

3rd story
"Temennya temen gue, dia lagi hamil nih. Ngidam satu tas disitu. Harganya 1,5 Milyar. Ga boleh masuk yah namanya juga pas jalan-jalan ga niat mau kesitu. Pulang dia nangis ngadu sama suaminya. Suaminya kesel. Dia bawa tuh duit cash dalam koper, dia pergi kesana pake baju ala kadarnya. Pas didepan toko dicegat. Ngomong pake bahasa Perancis "Mau apa?" / "Mau beli tas yang itu" / "Kamu ga akan mampu. Tas itu mahal sekali" / "Saya bawa uang cash didalam ini. Cepetan Saya mau beli itu buat istri Saya" Pas pulang, suami itu ngomong "Asal kalian tahu ya, Saya dari Indonesia, orang Indonesia ga ada yang miskin"

But, my friend this one she said , she only have 1 Hermes with the price Rp 40.000.000,- . And she don't think "Hermes collection wanna be"

And,,,, lets's another person. Another story

"Temen arisan gue ada tuh yag getol banget nawarin gue Hermes harga 150 juta. Cuma gue pikir dengan uang segitu mending gue bikin kontrakan. Investasi. Sampai akhirnya gue kesel, gue giniin aja 'Eh, gue walau cuma pake LV 20jt, tapi mobil gue Mercy. Lah elu mobil aja kijang. Siapa juga mau percaya Hermes lo asli. Beli bela-belain sampe kredit. Aduh maap deh. Gue mendingan simpan uang buat investasi'

Hahaha!!! Funny story :P

Monday, March 11, 2013


From now i officially fans of Fatima Ptacek and Shawn Christensen. Fatima as Sophia in this movie very fabulous. And Shawn as writer, director and actor also brilliant. No wonder this movie get OScar award for the best short movie. The idea of this story very simple. But, yeah... Its so beautiful.  Christensen make characters so strong.

Here I share my fave scene.

Bowling Track Scene

Friday, March 8, 2013

First Outlet Victoria Secret in Jakarta

Finally Victoria Secret open the outlet in Jakarta. The location is at Plaza Senayan, in front of The body Shop outlet. As we know, Victoria Secret is a sexy seductive lingerie brand. But, i call the outlet in Jakarta is not a lingerie outlet, but perfume outlet. Because most of the sell are body mist and perfume from Victoria Secret. You also can find sexy panties. They have a promo, buy 3 panties for Rp 339.000,-.

So what are they sell? Make up case, lil bit sungalsses (about 1million to 1,5mill rupiah), scarf (500k), Ipad, passport, iphone case (about 500k). And some tote bag for bring your heavy stuff. Why they not sell bra and linegrie? Because it policy from Victoria Secret. If they want to sell bra and lingerie, they must have a large store, bcause bra and lingerie VS's collection soooo many.

Oh, FYI. They still use dollars currency for the barcode. So they will convert it to rupiah while you pay at the cashier.

So, now I dont need to ask my friend's or go to SG for buy my fave body mist "NOIR".

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Philosophy of Avocado

Why avocado? Because to find the right one and edible is not easy. Yeah, the soft one, it doesn't mean already ready to eat. Let's.... Say... If the avocado to young, we can't eat that. The taste is bitter. But, if too ripe, no longer the avocado will foul. It just like while you choose someone who will be your future spouse.

And. ok. We find the good avocado. It looks clean, edible, and sweet. But be careful. We can scoop layer by layer. May be you will find a small worm. So, even tho that looks clean and good, we still find a worm. Just like a human. Even tho from the outside looks so good, but there's a bad thing inside that person.

And have a nice day :)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Indecent Proposal


Indecent Proposal is a movie by Adrian Lyne who also direct 9 1/2 weeks, Fatal Attraction and many more. Indecent proposal released 1993. Old enough. Even though I was 4yo :D
Adrian Lyne is a director with the thew such as seductive movie. I was watch 9 1/2 weeks and it so sensual. I though its very recommended for looking for sexual life variate. But Indecent Proposal more better than 9 1/2 weeks. Even there are some scene that looks aww fake. But overall i love the story.

This movie is tell about, a man how propose a couple, too spend a night with his wife with payment $ 1.000.000 . The couple is David and Diana (Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore) they are really need the money. They think with that money, they will have a better life.

But, we can take a lesson from this movie. Money can't buy happiness. Jhon Cage (Robert Redford) has everything, only one thing he doesn't have, a lover. His life hasn't complete. David and Diana also not happy after have 1 million dollars.

And I'm just notice Adrian Lyne's thew not only  seductive movie. But he always put a man with suit and rich in one of the character.

And yeah, Demi Moore so damn gorgeous is this movie.



(novel), (screenplay) 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Kata Hati


Finally, after almost 1 week ago i saw this movie :D

Only one thing that make me wanna watched this movie. Because I like the screenplay writer, Haqi Ahmad, after he's previous movie Radio Galau FM. Honesty, i don't know Kata Hati is another movie based on a novel with the same title.

So, here we go. Kata Hati is a good collaboration between Iqbal Rais and Haqi. But, I was lil bit notice, the conflict too standard. But for teen audience they will like this. They will feel close with their love life reality, as we know, love life teenager almost never complicated :P.  The script sooo Haqi's thew. Fresh :)