Monday, October 28, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Directed by 

Baz Luhrmann

Writing Credits (WGA)  

Baz Luhrmann...(screenplay) &
Craig Pearce...(screenplay)
F. Scott Fitzgerald...(based on the novel by)


 Leonardo DiCaprioCarey MulliganJoel Edgerton

I always love classic movie. It looks sexy. We can see from the wardrobe and set. The Great Gatsby is a film in 20's set. About the jet set life. Glamour. Catherine Martin success for build the glamorous 20's from the costume and set. We can see how the party, castle house. 

The Great Gatsby is a romantic love story. Based on novel F. Scott Fitgerald. This is a remake movie from the same title in 1974. Its tell about Gatsby and Daisy who reunite after 5 years distant. But Daisy married with Tom, rich man who like to cheat. Gatsby built that house and make a spectacular party expect Daisy will come to the party. But she never come. Until one day Gatsby invite Nick Carraway, Daisy cousin who also neighbor Gatsby. Nick and Gatsby become a best friend

I love the story but i think Luhrmann put too much magic trick for this movie. Its look like we see the sci-fic movie. So we not really feel the classic atmosphere. In some part we can see the animation that Luhrmann made. Just like Hemingway & Gellhorn movie, Philip Kaufman shoot with green screen to build set Worldwar part 2. But we still feel the classic atmosphere. At The Great Gatsby the characters also not really strong. In here the greatest things are the production design and music. So may be i will watch the old version of The Great Gatsby :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Short Review For Long Weekend

In Indonesia we are having a long weekend today because tomorrow is Ied Adha. So on the weekend i watched two love movie. And how lucky i got invitation for first screening one of my watchlist movie "About Time". So yeah today i'm gonna write short review for "Adore" and "About Time".

Directed by : Anne Fontaine 
Writing : Doris Lessing, Christopher Hampton, Anne Fontaine
Casts :
Naomi Watts Lil
Robin Wright: Roz
Xavier Samuel: Ian
James Frecheville: Tom

This movie is adaptation from Dorris Lessing' Novel, Perfect Mother. It is a complicted love story. Lil and Roz are best friend, they were grow up together. They have a son. Ian is Lil's son and Tom is Roz's son. Tom and Ian also grew up together. Until one night Tom find out Ian sleep with his mother. And Tom do the same thing to Lil. They falling in love each others and let the love grow up.

I like a complicated love story. Because love is sometimes complicated. Love is blind. Even i found some bad reviews about this movie, i still love this movie. 

 Director and writer : Richard Curtis
Rachel Mcadams - Mary
Domhall Gleeson - Tim
Bill Nighy - Dad's Tim

This is a sweet romantic comedy. Tim and his dad has ability for time traveling to the past. So, Tim have a second chance for change anything for his future and present. Until one day he meets and falling in love with Mary. He use his power to create possibility that make Mary fall in love with him. Until one day he realize, to enjoy this life, you just let life flow. Richard Curtis write smart funny dialog. But still sweet. With the characters that not too perfect. He make it natural. 

So those movies very nice to killing your time while you boring and just want to laying on your holiday :)  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Short Movie Ternyata

Alhamdulillah, kita sudah selesai syuting dua minggu yang lalu di Yogya. Tepatnya di Awor Gallery, Lensa Jogya. Saat ini film Ternyata sudah sampai tahap online editing. Nerveous juga, karena Tropfest akan menjadi International Film Festival pertama yang akan kita submit, Selain bawa nama negara, ini juga sebenarnya bagian dari strategi gue untuk mendapatkan networking dan market untuk film gue selanjutnya. Jadi deg-degan parah. Tapi karena gue kerja sama team yang hebat, Pabrik Film, dengan design produksi yang ga amatir, equiptment juga yg ga amatir, gue yakin project ini akan spectacular.

Tapi satu hal yang bikin gue agak ngerasa ditampar. Gimana coba gue bisa dapat uang 25 juta dalam waktu 2 minggu? Pertolongan Tuhan luar biasa disini. Gue ga akan dapat uang sebanyak itu , tapi untuk film ini tiba-tiba uang itu bermunculan. Segala sesuatu gue serahkan ke team Pabrik Film. Di Jakarta otak gue ga berhenti mikir. Itulah, jika Tuhan memang sudah mengizinkan, maka hal itu akan terjadi.Gue jadi ingat, dulu pernah pegang project film yang ber- M M , tapi memang Tuhan belum mengizinkan, akhirnya gue ga ikut. Tuhan Maha Baik. Coba kalo gue ikut project itu, nama gue juga ikut-ikutan diomongin. Hahaha!!

Proses syuting Alhamdulillah lancar dan fun, acting Pipit sama Harry oke banget. Gue akan merekomendasikan mereka berdua jika ada kesempatan. Proses syuting sekitar 11 jam. Sudah cenat-cenut takut over time, becos i dont have money anymore. Dan gue berhutang sama Pabrik Film. Lewat film ini, gue harus kasih timbal balik ke mereka.

Gue senang, akhirnya gie bisa benar-benar melahirkan karya gue walau baru project kecil, Insya Allah tahun 2014 akan menjadi awal tahun kebangkitan for my better life.I still have another babies

Ini beberapa foto-foto behind the scene. Kalo mau tahu lebih banyak bisa lihat twitternya @deramaromantika atau sutradaranya @sociohipster dan @pabrikfilm