Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is really touchy movie. I suggest you to prepare a pack of tissue for watch this movie beside the popcorn and coke. The Kite Runner is a honest movie, with sumptuous cinematography by Roberto Schaefer. And i really love acting of Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada as Hassan. He's a good young Afghanistan actor. What a fit casting for Hassan character with his mien will make us apprehensive.

In this movie, we will know that Afghanistan was a peaceful and beauty country. Kids play kite, people socializing. But that just become a history since war Russia in 1979 they were come to Afghanistan, and got worst after Taliban rule the roost until today.The visual effect of the kite tournament will make us to flash back too our childhood that was happy and free.

Setting movement from 1979 to 2000 that very drastic, from happiness to situation tense, properly executed. The Kite Runner will mix our emotion. Hassan really heartfelt become a best friend for Amir. He will do anything for save Amir, although he bore poignant. Very different with Amir, he is come from wealth family but such a loser. 

The Kite Runner is a movie that adapted from a Khaled Hesseini's novel. David Benioff write the screenplay very good from the novel. Amir and Hassan are best friend. Hassan is Amir's family servant's son. They are always play together. Until Amir realize that he doesnt have brave for help Hassan when he bullied by a faggot teenager. Amir do anything for make Hassan and family out from his house. And since the war, Amir and his dad move to America and they are start new life there.

The Kite Runner

Director: Marc Forster
Writer : David Benioff (screenplay), Khaled Hosseini (Novel)
Cast : Zekeria Ebrahimi (Amir), Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada (Hassan)

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