Saturday, December 5, 2015


Well, its a bit late to write about my 26. I'm very grateful for every experience, laughs and cries, up and down. It creates me who i am today. I'm grateful i have some friends who has my back. Too keep accompany me in my lowest part.

26. Another magical journey. I dont know what universe gonna give me but i asked for the best. And i'm pretty confidence, God will give me that. 

When I was 19 or 20, i was depressed because the closest people who i expected to always have my back, they weren't there. I felt like, "Why i dont get any support from them?" I felt my life harder than anyone else in my age.

But today, i really grateful. That was teach me about hard work. About reach dream. 

I still climb to get my dream. Its hard. Really. But as long as God give me live, i keep on moving. Sometimes in my room i just cry for no reason. 

I pay my bills from my own hands. Even i still rent a small room, i can't travel a lot, i can't sit in the fancy tea shop as much as my friends who live in this glamorous city. I go everywhere by angkot or kopaja. 

But I have my pride. I pay every pennies from my sweat. 

You cant judge a person from how much she/he earn, but how they are responsible with themselve. 

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