Monday, October 28, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Directed by 

Baz Luhrmann

Writing Credits (WGA)  

Baz Luhrmann...(screenplay) &
Craig Pearce...(screenplay)
F. Scott Fitzgerald...(based on the novel by)


 Leonardo DiCaprioCarey MulliganJoel Edgerton

I always love classic movie. It looks sexy. We can see from the wardrobe and set. The Great Gatsby is a film in 20's set. About the jet set life. Glamour. Catherine Martin success for build the glamorous 20's from the costume and set. We can see how the party, castle house. 

The Great Gatsby is a romantic love story. Based on novel F. Scott Fitgerald. This is a remake movie from the same title in 1974. Its tell about Gatsby and Daisy who reunite after 5 years distant. But Daisy married with Tom, rich man who like to cheat. Gatsby built that house and make a spectacular party expect Daisy will come to the party. But she never come. Until one day Gatsby invite Nick Carraway, Daisy cousin who also neighbor Gatsby. Nick and Gatsby become a best friend

I love the story but i think Luhrmann put too much magic trick for this movie. Its look like we see the sci-fic movie. So we not really feel the classic atmosphere. In some part we can see the animation that Luhrmann made. Just like Hemingway & Gellhorn movie, Philip Kaufman shoot with green screen to build set Worldwar part 2. But we still feel the classic atmosphere. At The Great Gatsby the characters also not really strong. In here the greatest things are the production design and music. So may be i will watch the old version of The Great Gatsby :)

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