Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Payung Merah Screening

This evening, Emil invited me to see screening short movie "Payung Merah" at The Edge, Kemang. I'm so excited. Its not because with who i'm hang out, but what i will see. The winner of Screen Singapore Asian Film Award 2011 for Short Movie Category. This event held by Nylon Magazine. The writer is Emil's friend, Andri Cung. Anyway, all the people who attend this event are Emil's friend. Also the director, Edward Gunawan.

This event showed 3 short movie. Borrowed Time, Payung Merah and Broken Vase. The central character played by Atiqah Hasiholan. Yes, for all movies. Total duration about 25 minutes.

"Borrowed Time" is about a husband who waiting his wife to wake up from her long sleep for 5 years. He patiently to care of her. Her has a nurse. And you know what, the nurse and her husband have a scandal.

"Payung Merah". This story based on a true story. Its about a taxi driver who take home a girl to this girl house. And at the end, we know, that girl is a ghost.Her daddy pay for taxi argo. Every years, she always "go home" by taxi. She had been died 5 years ago

The Last movie is "Broken Vase". Its about trans gender. Atiqah as Susan. She used to a male with "Alex" for the name. Susan come to Paul's house, his ex. In the house, there're Paul girl friend, she held a garage sale. Susan acting like a buyer. And then, she tell that she used to Paul's lover when she were a man "Alex". Paul's girlfriend sent her an email, to make Susan come and pick up her stuff. Because Paul girlfriend will live with Paul in Hawaii. Absolutely, the "her stuff" is a man stuff!

Overall, i love Edward and Andri movies. They're made a great story. The story has a character, it through. And i have to discuss with them i think, for my reference. Its not easy to build character, to build great story for short movie. Because with a short duration, you have to tell about the point. All this movie are low budget. But, the scenario is so cool.

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