Sunday, November 10, 2013

The King Of Summer

 Chris Galletta
Cast : Nick Robinson - Joe
            Gabriel Basso - Patrick
           Moises Arias - Biagio

When we were young, sometimes we feel to go out from the parents house. Anything the problem. May be some of us really had a bad experience in ourselves family. The King of Summer is a fresh movie about 3 teenager boys who really want to show their independence with out from the parent house. They can't understand what is in their parents head. You know "My house is my rule". So yeah they decide to find a new place and build their house together. If you love drama comedy about family, i cant miss this one. We will see friendship issue in here.

The lesson that i really like in this movie is, the parents also have to introspection about themselves. Why their son run out from the house. And as a teenage brain like usual, they cant think wisely. They are looking for the identity about their life. But however, they are still need their parent.

This is debut feature film by Jordan Vogh Robert. which is i think its well done. Its so simple story but you will feel touchy.. And this movie also debut Chris Galletta as script writer. He was created smart dialogue and some nice quote.
Nick Robinson, Gabriel Basso and Moises Arias acting are incredible.  Whatta good mix and balance character.
And i think a good story, a good film is just simple and natural story. Very close with the reality.

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