Sunday, November 10, 2013




If you think people who work at entertainment industry always have a happy life, please re-think. For example Marilyn Monroe and Linda Lovelace. Every guy would dying to date with her, but inside, they are have a sad story in their life.

Lovelace is biography about Linda Lovelace, porn star at 70's era with the phenomenal film "Deep Throat". Her surname is Linda Boreman. She was innocent girl before she meet and marry with Chuck Traynor. Chuck made her as his doll to get the money. And he also abusive. Behind the successful as an actress, Linda always afraid with her husband. He also sell Linda for prostitute, for get more money.

"Deep Throat" was success. But after Linda Lovelace run from Chuck, she become an activist for anti pornography. She also married and have a little family. Lovelace is based on Linda's book "Ordeal".

Nothing special with Lovelace. The story need to more explore. But the acting from the casts was so great. Ms. Seyfried was brilliant.


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