Saturday, November 16, 2013

Make Money

I think this is a fresh Indonesia comedy these days. Indonesian comedy with Hollywood taste. Make Money is a feature film debut Sean Monteiro, and he did a good job with this. I love the shoot, i love the setting, the characters also mix and balance. And yeah... Good soundtrack also. Sometimes filmmaker forget to create a good soundtrack beside the film itself .

Even i found some part that i think "Too much" but it still good over all. In some part still found Warkop DKI comedy style, slapstick.

I said mix and balance character, its like King of Summer characters. In Make Money we can see how cheesy Ody is, he was a poor person and suddenly he is rich. And Rachmat, he is more calm then his brother, Aris. Type of funny person. But he's smarter and more talented than Aris. And because he is humble, people more love him then Aris. And then Aris, he's totally arrogant. Not too smart as Rachmat but more ambitious.
Haqi Ahmad did a good job in here as script writer.

And i love the shoot. Even this is a comedy film, but Sean also put like symbolize from Jakarta real life. In Jakarta there are high class and middle class, very contrast. While shoot at Bundaran HI, we can see the glamorous with the city lights and at the same time we also see a poor man just sitting down with his ugly clothe. The camera movement also dynamic.

I found another good point from Make Money. Details. And Make Money explain the life of advertising industry. That is real. How to pitch a concept, how to deal with the client. Very good script continuity. We can see Smartfren must be the biggest sponsor for this film, but how they are put it in the film, it doesnt ruin the story and still save.

Hope we can see similar comedy movie in Indonesia like this. And hope the team real MAKE MONEY with this movie, good luck!

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