Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Silver Lining Playbook

I watch this movie not because of this film is oscar nominee or Jenn Lawrence won the Oscar. But of course because I'm dying with Bradley Cooper :D . I know this movie before people talk about it because of the oscar nominee. Just randomly watch some trailer from youtube.

Well, this movie not really fantastic. But, i love the script. Its about romantic comedy that totally funny. It fresh! And Ms. Lawrence she's 22yo but she played as well with Mr. Cooper, 38yo. I can't stop laughing along the movie and lil bit cry at the end.

Both of them played the strong character. Love it! And in this movie i can see, how parents always love and caring their child in the lowest phase of life. It sooo deep. The movie is adapted from the 2008 novel of the same title by Matthew Quick



(screenplay), (novel)


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