Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hasduk Berpola

Yippiee!! This is the 2nd movie from my friend, Harris Nizam. And today all you guys can watch Hasduk Berpola  at Cinema. Hasduk is a movie about scout boy in Bojonegoro, Surabaya. I like acting Bangkit Prasetyo as Budi (central character), because he's so natural even this is his first movie. And yeah, not only Bangkit Prasetyo, but also 10 children from Bojonegoro played as well. And also we can see another senior actor and actress, they are Idris Sadri and Iga Mawarni

Overall, Hasduk Berpola is a better movie by Harris than his previous movie. I love the cinematography, camera movement, music, art and editing. No wonder I found Khikmawan Sentosa and Sastha Sunu in credit tittle :D. Good collaboration I think. The story so simple and natural. Yeah, you no need to create such a heavy story for child movie.  *no mention :P. Let's don't talk about nationalism, the point is this movie is how big your sacrifice, to make someone you love happy.

And one think that make me touched is, at the end of the movie (i watched at screening btw) all of audience in theater stand up and sing Indonesia Raya.After... 7 years i think the last time I sing Indonesia Raya (and thanks God i still remember)

So, i hope i hear Hasduk Berpola at least screening at International Film Festival. Good job and....Hope Hasduk Berpola will be the box office movie

Produser : Sarjono Sutrisno, Harris Nizam
Sutradara : Harris Nizam
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