Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Philosophy of Avocado

Why avocado? Because to find the right one and edible is not easy. Yeah, the soft one, it doesn't mean already ready to eat. Let's.... Say... If the avocado to young, we can't eat that. The taste is bitter. But, if too ripe, no longer the avocado will foul. It just like while you choose someone who will be your future spouse.

And. ok. We find the good avocado. It looks clean, edible, and sweet. But be careful. We can scoop layer by layer. May be you will find a small worm. So, even tho that looks clean and good, we still find a worm. Just like a human. Even tho from the outside looks so good, but there's a bad thing inside that person.

And have a nice day :)

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