Friday, March 8, 2013

First Outlet Victoria Secret in Jakarta

Finally Victoria Secret open the outlet in Jakarta. The location is at Plaza Senayan, in front of The body Shop outlet. As we know, Victoria Secret is a sexy seductive lingerie brand. But, i call the outlet in Jakarta is not a lingerie outlet, but perfume outlet. Because most of the sell are body mist and perfume from Victoria Secret. You also can find sexy panties. They have a promo, buy 3 panties for Rp 339.000,-.

So what are they sell? Make up case, lil bit sungalsses (about 1million to 1,5mill rupiah), scarf (500k), Ipad, passport, iphone case (about 500k). And some tote bag for bring your heavy stuff. Why they not sell bra and linegrie? Because it policy from Victoria Secret. If they want to sell bra and lingerie, they must have a large store, bcause bra and lingerie VS's collection soooo many.

Oh, FYI. They still use dollars currency for the barcode. So they will convert it to rupiah while you pay at the cashier.

So, now I dont need to ask my friend's or go to SG for buy my fave body mist "NOIR".

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