Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Education


Lately I always posting about the movie that I watched. I have no any idea to share about my point of view at this time , so I prefer make lil bit movie review

Why I interested and decide to watch this movie because this story is about 16 yo a high school girl who falling in love with 30 something man.
Jenny (Carey Mulligan) is a smart and pretty girl. She really wants to go to Oxford collage. And one day she meets with Daniel (Peter Sarsgaard) and they have an exclusive dating. Daniel treats her so nice, and he able make Jenny's parent trust to him. Daniel give Jenny education how to have a mature relationship. So lovely. But at the end this movie you will surprise.

It such as give us a real education after you see this movie. What is that? Just see this movie :)

I love this movie, cinematography quite beautiful. Like i said, i always love reality fiction story. And i think I'm falling in love with British movie. Jane Eyre, you also must see this movie.. Very lovely. May be I also will write review about Jane Eyre.


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