Friday, February 22, 2013

Kata Hati


Finally, after almost 1 week ago i saw this movie :D

Only one thing that make me wanna watched this movie. Because I like the screenplay writer, Haqi Ahmad, after he's previous movie Radio Galau FM. Honesty, i don't know Kata Hati is another movie based on a novel with the same title.

So, here we go. Kata Hati is a good collaboration between Iqbal Rais and Haqi. But, I was lil bit notice, the conflict too standard. But for teen audience they will like this. They will feel close with their love life reality, as we know, love life teenager almost never complicated :P.  The script sooo Haqi's thew. Fresh :)


  1. hmm.. mesti ditonton nih kayaknya.. thanks for sharing :)

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  2. Hai Novarinna. Iya asyik kok buat ditonton diwaktu luang :)