Thursday, February 28, 2013

Indecent Proposal


Indecent Proposal is a movie by Adrian Lyne who also direct 9 1/2 weeks, Fatal Attraction and many more. Indecent proposal released 1993. Old enough. Even though I was 4yo :D
Adrian Lyne is a director with the thew such as seductive movie. I was watch 9 1/2 weeks and it so sensual. I though its very recommended for looking for sexual life variate. But Indecent Proposal more better than 9 1/2 weeks. Even there are some scene that looks aww fake. But overall i love the story.

This movie is tell about, a man how propose a couple, too spend a night with his wife with payment $ 1.000.000 . The couple is David and Diana (Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore) they are really need the money. They think with that money, they will have a better life.

But, we can take a lesson from this movie. Money can't buy happiness. Jhon Cage (Robert Redford) has everything, only one thing he doesn't have, a lover. His life hasn't complete. David and Diana also not happy after have 1 million dollars.

And I'm just notice Adrian Lyne's thew not only  seductive movie. But he always put a man with suit and rich in one of the character.

And yeah, Demi Moore so damn gorgeous is this movie.



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