Monday, February 11, 2013

New York, I Love You

Nothing special in this movie. I think i would find something unforgettable moment at least 1 from 11 movies in this film. Yap, its kinda omnibus film. I just don't understand. Sometimes theres's connected between other story. And sometimes just finish in one story. The fault is, if you they want make something like 'The Red Ribbon' just make it. Don't mix it with like nothing connected between others story.

The stories, the ideas, are good already.

Some people said, Pari Je t aime better than this movie. But, i haven't see it. May be i have to see that movie first. But, yeah... from the trailer of Paris Je t'aime, i found something more artistic.

But i have to say. In Indonesia also have omnibus like this. Jakarta Magrib and Jakarta Hati is better than New York, I Love You :)

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