Sunday, February 10, 2013


JUNO is one of my favorite movie ever! This is so perfect teen comedy genre. With so detail character. So yeah, its too late for review this movie today. And as you know, thi movie is about a girl who get pregnant by accident because Juno (Ellen Page ) and Bleeker (Michael Cera) prefer try to make out instead of do their homework.

So, why i love this movie badly?
1. The opening so uniqe. Juno walking with big Sunny D and the music also funny perfect

Here is the song

2. The property show how wonderful teenage world is. Like Tic-Tac candy the the Burger phone

3. Well, some people said pregnant is something accident, the the other one said pregnant is someting pricless gift. So, here's Diablo Cody make a character, even Juno in troble because she has accident pregnancy, but JUno still fun. She not sad at all. And try to solve her problem with her own way. Its mean, she is responsible for what she did. And her parent just help her to keep she has a health preggy.

You have to watch this movie, guys. No wonder if Diablo Coby get the oscar award for the best screenplay.



And last but not least, here's one of the soundtrack

OST Juno - anyone else but you

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